My message to the delegates of Global Goals Model United Nations 3.0

I had the great honor of being a speaker at this year’s GGMUN 3.0 symposium and conference for young leaders. 260 delegates from 40 countries took part in this important event to tackle the challenge of solving 17 Global Goals as set by the United Nations.

Natalie Glebova and Dean Kelly coming to Miss Universe Panama 2019

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It’s just a month away and we will be back in Panama after 4 years since we visited last. Last time we came there just Dean and I. This time around it’ll be the three of us with Maya...

Natalie Glebova teams up with Kary Ramos in Costa Rica

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The reason for my visit, together with my husband Dean and daughter Maya is to do a 2-day empowerment training workshop called “Confidence of Winners.

5 Simple Tricks to Stop Emotional Eating For Good

How do you overcome emotional eating? What needs to change in your thinking to stop the old mind patterns? Here are some tips to shift your mindset and try some simple tricks to break out of the unhealthy eating habits.
IgniterCon SEA 2019 - Natalie Glebova, Henry Wong, Ravi Belani, Roy Terry I Am Winning | Corporate Innovation Summit

IgniterCon Bangkok 2019

What an enlightening experience it was to be part of Igniter Conference SEA 2019 which is part of the Corporate Innovation Summit, held here in Bangkok this past weekend! I met such incredible people from Silicon Valley (VCs, Investors and Stanford Professors) ...
Natalie Glebova - meeting with Dalai Lama 3

A Gift from the Dalai Lama

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It has been said by many spiritual authors and teachers that enlightened, highly evolved people vibrate at an elevated level, by being in the present moment and living in the “now”, thereby giving off that energy to anyone that comes into contact with them...

7 Qualities All Winners Possess: 7 - Awareness

When I talk about the quality of awareness, I mean having awareness on three levels. First, is simply awareness of the present moment. Second is being aware of yourself – who you are and who you want to be. Third is awareness of the world…

7 Qualities All Winners Possess: 6 - Generosity

Generosity can make you happier, wealthier, and healthier! Giving is an act that brings intrinsic contentment.  Doesn't it feel better to give a gift than to receive one? That’s because when we make other people happy, our own…

7 Qualities All Winners Possess: 5 - Confidence

True confidence isn't ego Confidence is a skill mastered through practice.  People who enjoy what they do and believe they are good at it ultimately enjoy high levels of self-esteem. Confidence, just like any skill, can take many…