7 Qualities All Winners Possess: 6 - Generosity

Generosity can make you happier, wealthier, and healthier! Giving is an act that brings intrinsic contentment.  Doesn't it feel better to give a gift than to receive one? That’s because when we make other people happy, our own…

7 Qualities All Winners Possess: 5 - Confidence

True confidence isn't ego Confidence is a skill mastered through practice.  People who enjoy what they do and believe they are good at it ultimately enjoy high levels of self-esteem. Confidence, just like any skill, can take many…

7 Qualities All Winners Possess: 4 - Curiosity

“I have no special talents. I’m only passionately curious.” ~~ Albert Einstein~~ Albert Einstein is revered as one of the greatest minds known to mankind and has been quoted to say: “I have no special talents. I’m only passionately…

7 Qualities All Winners Possess: 3 - Resilience

Resilience.  Persistence. Grit.  Tenacity. Endurance. Resolve.  Perseverance. Determination. All of these words describe the quality that I believe is a must-have to be a winner. Fearlessness, as described in the previous…

7 Qualities All Winners Possess: 2 - Fearlessness

How would your life be different if you were not scared to face the fears holding you back from reaching your biggest goals? I recently reconnected with an old friend from USA – Garrett Gravesen, who is the author of the book 10 Seconds…

7 Qualities All Winners Possess: 1 - Gratitude

Can you list 10 items you are grateful for? Are you, in true winner style, beaming and bursting at the seams with appreciation for all the beauty your life is filled with?  Are you thankful for certain things but still wish for…

Hilde Marie Johansen

“There will be tough and challenging stages in your lifetime, but you have to keep yourself motivated and choose to surround yourself with people that bring  the best out of you.” ~ Hilde Marie Johansen

Harprem Doowa

“Always take it one step at a time. A step in the right direction, no matter how small, is still a step forward.”~ Harprem Doowa

Rimi Nique

“I enjoy connecting with people through language, so I can assimilate their mentality and have them consider me as one of their own. I want to discover and learn as much as possible about each culture.” ~ Rimi Nique