When was the last time in recent history and memory that we’ve had this much time to devote to self-improvement? I look at this time, when events are canceled, travel is restricted and all social activities suspended, as a blessing or a gift! We have the time, but do we use it wisely?

I remember a time when I used to pray that we get extra hours added to our day because I simply didn’t have time to read all the self-improvement books on my bookshelf, set my meditation and yoga routine in place, and even get simple tasks like journaling and writing out my goals done. I guess in some ways my prayers have been answered, because now I have time to do all those things and more!

First step here is to write down what good habits you want to implement in your routine, and which habits you want to work on ditching. Get that journal out and set some intentions. What areas of your life do you want to improve, what activities do you want to master, and which activities need to be performed more consistently?


Here are some ideas from my own list you can add to yours, and think of some more to include as well:

  • Meditate daily for at least 10 minutes upon waking up instead of reaching for my phone
  • Start my day with some movement – walk, job, sun salutations, swim, etc before I sit down for work
  • Connect to the earth by going outdoors at least once a day, walk barefoot, breathe fresh air, get some sun if possible
  • Take my daily vitamins, supplements and load up on infused water/herbal tea
  • Cook healthier meals and incorporate vegetables into my diet daily
  • Spend more quality time with Maya – teach her Russian daily for 20 minutes
  • Watch more TED talks and Gaia series instead of Netflix
  • Incorporate hourly movement into my sitting-down work routine – every hour I get up, stretch, bounce on trampoline, do some pushups, jumping jacks, etc
  • Stop snacking or eating after 8 PM and try to finish eating dinner by 7:30 PM
  • Do daily visualization exercises for abundance – receiving it and giving it
  • Reading before bed, instead of playing on my phone or watching shows on my laptop
  • Go to bed earlier (asleep by 10pm) and sleep at least 8 hours a night

Always remember that implementing any habit takes an average of 3 weeks or 21 days, so consistency is the name of the game here. If you skip doing a habit for even one day, you have to start over again to get the habit to stick to your autopilot routine. The habits you set today will determine the quality of your life and your winning level years later.

Questions to ponder:
1. Do you love yourself enough to work on making yourself the best version possible?
2. Which habits can you implement starting today?
3. What is stopping you from starting your new habits today?

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