If you know me as Miss Universe 2005, you also might remember me as the “glass-half-full” kind of person (from my final answer to the question “What is the biggest challenge in your life?”) It certainly is a big challenge to maintain the highest level of positivity in difficult times, and this is one of those times when we all need a reminder (or ten) about what goodness can come from this.

In my true beauty queen style let me share with you some positives I can think of that we can see from our current situation? We all want “world peace” right? 🙂

  1. Families can enjoy quality time together and bond with each other.
  2. Writers can finish their books, painters can paint their masterpieces, designers are sketching their drawings, and artists of all kinds are doing their creative work.
  3. Entrepreneurs are thinking creatively about new online business ideas and pushing them forward.
  4. We realize now more than ever how important health is and that it is more valuable than money, possessions, beauty or fame.
  5. Lovers have time to connect and keep on loving and rekindle their romance.
  6. Mother nature is taking a much-needed break – skies and rivers are clearer, production of fossil fuels reduce their green-house gas emissions, factories reduce their output of waste and pollution
  7. We are catching up on much-overdue sleep, reading, watching documentaries, inner work and journaling.
  8. We actually have time to meditate and do yoga daily.
  9. We are cooking at home and eating better because we actually know what ingredients are going into our meals.
  10. The world is uniting in their shared uncertainty and vulnerability – we are reminded that we are one human race.

Half full
There are many reasons to be grateful in each person’s life. If you have food, some money, any family or friends, and a roof over your head – you are in a better situation than 80% of the world’s population. Why not focus on pleasant aspects of your life, instead of hardships and limitations you are facing?

There is a reason why I mark Gratitude as the number one quality of winners in my book “I Am Winning” – it makes us live with more joy and helps us pass through difficult times with more ease. Counting our blessings and rejoicing for all the wonderful things we have (versus focusing on what we don’t have) makes our lives richer and more fulfilling!

Check out this powerful TED talk by David Steindl-Rast “Want to be more happy? Be grateful”.

Questions to ponder:
1. Is gratitude your best quality?
2. What things can you be grateful for in this moment of your life?
3. How can you incorporate gratitude into your daily routine?

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