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Do you have an image of what your “ideal version of yourself” is like? What does this version of “you” look like, think about, and enjoys doing?

Designing this description of your “ideal self” in as much detail as possible is the key to creating a higher self-value and gaining confidence.

It will not only make you fall in love with yourself, it will also make it easier to let other people love you.


Be your own “dream man” or “dream woman”

When I wanted to find love in my life, I set out to create a list of my “dream man”, but before that I resolved to make myself the “perfect me”.

After all, my perfect man deserves a perfect woman, right? I couldn’t just ask the Universe to send me this ideal creature and not be the woman I’m proud to be myself.

I got to work on creating that refined version of Natalie that I knew I could become. I wrote a 3-page document, called the “Perfect Self” and listed all the qualities my “better self” could have.

I thought about all the good habits I wanted to adopt and the bad habits I wanted to ditch; the type of activities my ideal self would be involved in daily; and the kind of values my perfect self would live up to.

Why should I strive to be my best possible version?

We are all a work-in-progress and unless we continuously evolve and become better versions of ourselves, we stagnate and lose the zest for life. All winners have a curiosity for learning and growing in all aspects – that’s part of our evolutionary human code.

Knowing your weaknesses is just as important as knowing your strengths. What areas of your life do you think you could improve?

What habits do you want to change?

Which new characteristics do you want to adapt?

Get to writing again and think about what words will describe the future “ideal you”.

Ask yourself this, “What can I do to improve and who do I want to become?”

Do you want to be more charitable and be more generous to others?

Is being a better listener or communicator important to you?

Do you want to become a healthier eater, and more active physically?

Are you game to be more adventurous and try new activities?

How about being more fearless and resilient?

What type of person do you believe your “perfect partner” will fall in love with?

I challenge you to write down 6-10 words that you see your future “ideal” self being in your journal or use "Your Workbook For Self-Love" manual by downloading it below.

self love manual 

How does your “Perfect Self” act and behave?

Now, get to work on developing yourself into that version of the “ideal you” that you’ve described on the list. Put habits in place to manifest the “ideal you” into reality.

If you’ve written down that your perfect self is an active person, who exercises every morning – be that person. If your version of the ideal self is someone who is honest, charitable and grateful, then you better make sure to practice those qualities daily.

Write out a plan of action for each of the attributes or habits you want to adapt. Make it into a schedule or calendar to activate your new habits, whether it’s going to the gym, doing volunteer work, or simply writing in your gratitude journal.

You won’t become this “best” version of yourself overnight, and it will take time and work from your side. But it’s important to start with that list and put an intention on the things you want to improve about yourself.

Check back on the list often to see how much progress you’ve made and make any adjustments you see necessary.

Think about what activities your “ideal self” likes to engage in and which daily habits this person practices consistently.

Write all of your new insights in your journal.

When you start making those habits part of your routine and you see yourself improving in areas of your life that need it, you start to appreciate yourself and become proud of the person you are turning into.

Think about how you feel when you’ve completed a workout or stuck to your healthy meal plan for the day or the week.

You feel pretty amazing don’t you?

You feel proud and happy with yourself! Each time you stick to and solidify a new habit, your own self-value grows and becomes an integral part of how you see yourself – as a winner!

Discover how you can tune into the energy of love and attract it into your life in a form of a winning relationship by doing the work on yourself first - in my Live Masterclass - WIN IN LOVE.

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