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Love And Quantum Physics | Winning Parenting Moments

One of the ways I make better use of my time is by watching a bit of alternative media programs (on Gaia.com for example) or listening to thought-provoking podcasts (like Actualized.org) while getting myself ready for work - filming content or doing a Live stream. 

Mom-titasking, if you will ;)

We moms need to save as much time as we can!

Finding time for personal growth is challenging as a working parent, so this is a perfect opportunity to water the seeds of knowledge and expand my mind as I style my hair and do my makeup.

On this particular day, I was watching Dr. Joe Dispenza’s “Rewired” program on Gaia and learning about the mysterious world of quantum physics. My mind was trying to interpret and analyze what is the quantum field and how we are connected to it as energy beings.

My five-and-a-half year-old daughter - Maya walked into the room and sat down to watch a bit of the “mommy program” on my laptop as I was styling my hair. She was more interested in the curling iron than in the content of my show, and she was full of the usual “how” and “why”questions about

“HOW?”  the machine works, and “WHY?” I’m curling my hair in the first place.

I smiled at the persistence of her curious young mind and the fact that she’s evolving so fast by asking all those questions, and suddenly a fresh wave of love for my daughter washed over me. 

I felt completely immersed in this moment with Maya as my mind fell quiet.  The process of my brain trying to work out the complex concepts of quantum physics grinded to a halt.

Stillness. It was all feeling - no thought.

Just pure LOVE.

Spiritual parenting teaching kids about love

I realized I was experiencing the magic of present moment awareness - that elusive spiritual phenomenon when you are one with everything around you. Truly a blissful state of being.

I snuggled and caressed Maya in a playful way, like we do to those we find irresistibly adorable. 

“Oh my gosh, you are sooooo cute, I can’t even…” I purred at her as I gently squeezed her little face between my hands.

“My love, do you have any idea how much I love you?” I wanted to hear her honest kid answer because I couldn’t even comprehend the volume of that love myself.

“How much do you love me, mama?” Maya answered, smiling at me.

“So so big….like infinity!” I exclaimed and gestured outwardly with my arms into both sides.

“What is infinity?” Her curious mind was working as she absorbed everything I said like a sponge.

“Infinity is when there are no limits or boundaries - no end to something” I explained.

Maya made the cutest face expressing that she was thinking hard. Then she looked back at me and said,

“Ah, I get it! And I also love you ‘infinity’.”

Then after a pause she added,I love you as much as there is space!

I felt very proud of Maya for comprehending such a complex idea, and for being so tuned in to our conversation. 

I basked in my #WinningParentingMoment for having such an important discussion with Maya about love. In parenting, we cannot overlook the energetic component of holistic child development and nurture their spiritual growth, which is as important as the mental and physical counterparts. 

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This short conversation with Maya and her insightful response got me thinking….

The space outside of us and, according to quantum physics, inside of us doesn’t end and has no limits.  Love, in the same way, has no boundaries or end as well. 

Love can transcend time, distance and physicality. 

We can love a person who is separated from us for a long period of time or by location.

We can love a pet or family member even after they’re gone from this life.

We can love a deity or religious figure even if we’ve never had proof of their existence. 

We love across all time and space. Love stands the tests of time and space.

Love has no boundaries - it is eternal, limitless and timeless.

If love and space are two things that go on forever, then theoretically could they be the same thing?

What if we hypothesize that they are?

It’s a nice concept to ponder that the space we are made of and that surrounds us is synonymous with LOVE. It is a comforting realization that we are made of love, and that it is all around us. No matter where we go (physically, mentally, and energetically) we are heading into love.

Whether or not this can ever be proven or is even accurate is not the point. Just allow yourself to try this theory on for size. 

  • Would it be a comfort to you? 
  • Would it make living your life easier or better? 
  • Would your relationships with other people improve? 
  • How would you show up in the world, knowing this?

For me, believing that we are ‘LOVE’ in our truest essence resonates on a deeper level, beyond what my mind can ever comprehend. It has an authentic ring to it that the heart feels to be true.

Isn’t it beautiful to contemplate that you are made of the pure light of love?

After explaining this new insight to Maya in the best words I could find for her, she whole-heartedly agreed with me and asked her final question on this subject,

“Is this why you always call me ‘my love’? Because I am made of love?”

That’s right, my love. And don’t you ever forget who you truly are!” I answered with the hope that in her young mind the seed of self-love has been planted for the rest of her life.

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