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Superpower kids

“What is your superpower?” - 7 qualities to remind your kids they possess

Here's what my 3-year old daughter told me about her self-image. I was shocked...
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How to fall in love with yourself

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Do you have an image of what your “ideal version of yourself” is like? What does this version of “you” look like, think about, and enjoys doing? Designing this description of your “ideal self” in as much detail as possible is…


Here are 5 guidelines to incorporate into your days. There’s no better time than now to take these into consideration

What to expect from me in 2020

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Hi friends, Natalie here! For those of you who are new here, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you what you can expect to hear from me.

A Gift from the Dalai Lama

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It has been said by many spiritual authors and teachers that enlightened, highly evolved people vibrate at an elevated level, by being in the present moment and living in the “now”, thereby giving off that energy to anyone that comes into contact with them...