Do you want 2022 to be the year you start being a WINNER? 

  • Start winning in love, 
  • Start winning in health & fitness, and 
  • Start building your winning lifestyle!

I know…It’s so frustrating to lose momentum after setting those big resolutions at the beginning of the year and watch your dreams of being fit, successful, and motivated slip away from you as the weeks go by. 

But not this year! Not you!

After decades of perfecting my “winning-life” formula to achieve success and lasting happiness, I am ready to share it with you and reveal the method that has helped so many of the people I coached to… 

  • Start bursting with self-confidence, 
  • Attract the ideal relationship into their life, and  
  • Live the dream lifestyle they always wanted. 

The winners’ tool that I will share with you is what I call – “entering the quantum realm of possibilities”. It has completely changed my life and my belief system. 

It will help you transform into the best version of yourself and live the best life you deserve!

Winning is reserved for those who take action on their goals. 

Are you ready to play full out and Join me in the quantum realm with my latest Masterclass – Win The Year?

Reserve your spot now and stop wishing for better days – start winning them 

WIN THE YEAR Masterclass — Starts on January.  

I’m Natalie Glebova — Author, Award-Winning Coach, and Former Miss Universe. 

My very eagerly-awaited Masterclass is now open to enrollment and I'm taking a limited number of people to join this journey towards making 2022 their best year yet!

Let me show you how you can WIN this year and achieve every new year resolution you have set for yourself.

You don’t want to end up halfway through the year feeling like you haven’t done anything worthwhile. Start it right, and start it NOW!

I have been successfully setting goals since I was a little girl, and I know how important it is to plan ahead, visualize, and write down what you want. In all those decades past I have refined the formula for a winning year - and I haven’t let myself down since! 

Come to the New Year countdown I am happily looking back at my year, proudly checking off all that I have accomplished. I have also learned how to enter the mysterious "Quantum Realm of Possibilities" that allows me to manifest things near instantaneously!

Do you want to do the same?

In my latest 6-week Masterclass, I will take you through this winning formula step-by-step with Live weekly sessions and exciting assignments to design your incredible year so you can start living it!

But it’s not just about goal-setting, or making vision boards. Being a winner in life comes down to one important element that is often the most overlooked in other personal development courses…

Want to discover that missing element that is the key to achieving everything you want?

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What does winning the year mean to you?

Is it making massive leaps in your career or business? Is it getting your love life in order? Is it about having a healthier lifestyle and finally fitting into your skinny jeans?

Those are all great goals, but achieving them won’t make you feel like a winner.

You won’t feel like a winner unless you become the “ideal you” - someone you are proud to see in the mirror every day. You won’t win the year until you feel happy with your lifestyle and your daily habits. You simply won’t be a winner in life if you don’t have the energetic vibration of one.

What it really takes to be a winner in life is SELF-MASTERY - and you will learn how to master yourself with me in this course.

The main reason you don’t feel like a winner is because you haven’t mastered yourself - you haven’t learned to deal with paralyzing limiting beliefs and programmed fears that stop you from living with freedom and joy. You want to have a winning life, but your pre-conditioned subconscious mind and unchecked ego are running the show, keeping you trapped in mediocrity. 

I am here to show you a holistic approach to personal development that will unleash the winner inside you. With energy healing practices alongside proven mindset reprogramming techniques you will experience a game-changing shift in how you show up in your day, week, month and year!


  • Module 1 - Become a visionary of your life

  • Module 2 - Fall in love with your true essence

  • Module 3 - Win your day, every day

  • Module 4 - Set goals & reprogram your mind

  • Module 5 - Tune into the “Winning Energy” + "Quantum Realm of Possibilities"

Whether you are new to pageants or you've competed before, this course is for you. The value of true self-worth, total self-confidence and becoming the woman you believe deserves to win is priceless!


Every Friday you will receive an email with instructions for that week and an invite for the Live Zoom session with Natalie.

Follow the materials that are available in your course curriculum and get ready for each Live session by looking through the video, audio, and eBooks/worksheets for that week.

Live Zoom sessions are normally held on either Saturday or Sunday mornings (EST/MT/PST).


 5 LIVE group Zoom sessions weekly with Natalie

 Lifetime access to 5 modules of the WIN THE YEAR curriculum

 1 Autographed copy of Natalie's BookI AM WINNING - A Guide to Personal Empowerment 

● 5 eBooks with worksheets written by Natalie to supplement your progress

● Guided meditations, video tutorials, quizzes and other self-improvement tools for your practice

● Access to a private Facebook group with peer support and daily inspirational materials



  • A detailed map to your dream life 
  • High vibration to set off the year on the right frequency
  • A new and improved YOU for the rest of your life
  • Skills to manifest exactly what you want, when you want it
  • A reprogrammed mindset to to be free of self-doubts
  • Your new healthy lifestyle plan & schedule
  • A solid action plan to make 2022 your best year yet

I’m Natalie Glebova — Former Miss Universe, Author, and Award-Winning Coach, and I’ll show you how you can WIN this year and achieve every new year resolution you have set for yourself. 

I believe every single person has what it takes to be a winner.

Everyone, no matter their age, race, financial situation, or marital status can live a fulfilling life and be winning in their own way.

True success is in the quality of your thoughts, your relationships, your perspective on life, the value you bring to others, and who you choose to surround yourself with.

You are powerful and you can create anything! 

I challenge you to start creating your personal blueprint for an extraordinary life, and join us on this journey towards making 2022 the best year yet!

You just need to tap into that vibrational frequency to which we all have access.

Get all of my winning methods to gain self-confidence and to uncover your limitless potential! 

Are you ready to slay 2022 and become a winner in your life? 

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