Personal Empowerment Training

Do you have a goal you want to achieve?

  • Winning a competition, attaining a degree or a dream job
  • Losing or gaining weight and reaching top physical shape
  • Writing a book or finishing your dissertation
  • Building long-lasting confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Finding your life purpose and discovering your true calling
  • Learning to live with positive attitude and gratitude
  • Finding the perfect mate

Everyone needs help with motivation when they have a big task to complete or goal they wish to reach, and that’s why I’m here to help guide you from inception to completion of your current goal.

If your goals include any of the above including increasing your confidence, stopping self-doubt, or becoming a positive thinker, I can help you reach them and develop these skills with personalized one-on-one sessions.

What is Empowerment Training?

  • Getting the clarity, insight and courage to make the right choices for yourself and your life
  • Zeroing in on your purpose in life, which is one of the major pillars of a happy and satisfying life.
  • Finding your “Why” to help drive you to success
  • Learning to shift your perspective and finding the right angle to view any situation or event in your life. Sort of like putting on the right shade of glasses to observe everything with – to gain confidence and positive attitude
  • Doing deep introspection and asking yourself many important questions to get to know yourself from the core and what your heart truly wants
  • Learning to master self-discipline and tracking your progress while being mindful and aware of what is going on inside and outside of yourself
  • Setting your goals more effectively and creating a detailed plan of action on how you will achieve those goals
  • Becoming a master of visualization to achieve anything you want in life and designing the life of your dreams

What Empowerment Training IS NOT:

  • It is not a one-and-for-all solution to your problems. I will not be making decisions for you and your life, but will be asking you questions to guide and help you make those decisions yourself. We have to work together to find the best solution/opportunities for you.
  • If you are not ready to make changes in your behaviour, habits, and attitude, empowerment training will not be beneficial to you. You MUST be ready to take action and be proactive. I will provide the methods and strategies, but the actual work starts with YOU.
  • It is not a help hotline or therapy session for deep psychological traumas (PTSD, PMS/PMDD, Hormone imbalances), clinical depression (Postpartum or other) or legal problems. If you have any of these issues, please consult a specializing professional.

What do the Empowerment Training sessions with Natalie consist of?

  • All sessions are done online, over a video chat platform and each one is 1.5 hours long
  • Before we begin, we will do a free 15-20 minute consultation call to determine areas to work on in order for me to understand what you need most attention with
  • During each video call, we will discuss your current situation, desired outcome, and obstacles that are holding you back from achieving the desired outcome. We will also review any of the assignments or worksheets that you are to prepare for each session
  • Assignments, exercises and worksheets will be provided before each session
  • You will also be asked to complete a “Winning-Meter” Quiz  to determine your current attitude, confidence, and mindset
  • If you choose to do more than one session, I will be connected to you through a messenger app with direct personal access anytime so you can ask me questions, get feedback, track progress and get daily motivation on staying on course with your goal as needed

What is the cost of Empowerment Training with Natalie?

Pay per session1 Empowerment Training Session with Natalie
$300 USD
Benefit: no commitment, no obligation, try once
3 sessionsAdvance payment for 3 Empowerment Training Sessions with
Natalie, receive $100 discount
$900 USD $800 USD
Benefit: continuity and more in-depth training, on-going messaging support available to you anytime on Natalie’s personal number
Bonus: Get a free copy of Natalie’s first book Healthy Happy Beautiful (eBook version) as a gift for you
5 sessionsAdvance payment for 5 Empowerment Training Sessions with
Natalie, receive $200 discount
$1,300 USD
Benefit: continuity and more in-depth training, on-going messaging support available to you anytime on Natalie’s personal number
Bonus: Get a free copy of Natalie’s first book Healthy Happy Beautiful (eBook version) AND a physical copy of I Am Winning – A Guide to Personal Empowerment book as a gift for you

Fill out the form to pre-qualify for empowerment training with Natalie and she will get back to you.

Fill out the form above to let me know which of the 3 options suits you best, and I’ll be happy to get on a 20 minute consultation call with you to see if this is the right direction for you.

I am excited to be part of your empowerment journey and to see you progress and ultimately reach your most desired goals!