Do you want to win a regional, national or international title?

Using spiritual and energy healing practices combined with precise goal setting exercises, I have successfully coached women from all over the world to achieve high placements at national and international competitions. 

Personal 1-on-1 Training includes:

  • Winning final answer formula + personal coaching on delivery
  • A manual “Starting your journey to the crown with worksheets + personal feedback
  • Interview training guide + personal training to nail your interview
  • Nutrition and exercise plan tailor made for you to achieve your dream pageant body
  • A manual “Create a winning online personal brand
  • Graphic design support for your personal brand + help with your platform
  • Guided visualization sessions to build confidence and belief
  • Personal assessment of your runway walk
  • Assistance with finding and choosing your evening gown

With guided support, accountability measures, and working through blocks and limiting beliefs, training with me will give you the extra edge in confidence and knowing that you deserve to win!


“Training with Natalie was a game-changer in my pageant journey. I became a more confident person who truly understands herself and believes she deserves to win. By sharing her knowledge about how she won Miss Universe I could apply it to my own training and feel more prepared. Staying present and calm, just like we learned to do in our visualization sessions, helped me to perform better than I ever have, and ultimately to win the crown of Miss Universe Canada 2019!” 

            ~ Alyssa Boston, Winner of Miss Universe Canada 2019

“Natalie took the time to get to know me and provided a very tailored approach. With her training I became more confident, energetic and self-motivated. Coaching with Natalie has been a huge turning point in my personal development journey.

            ~ Svetlana Mamaeva, Top 5 Miss Universe Canada 2019

“I would have never been this confident competing at Miss Universe if it wasn’t for Natalie’s training! I feel amazing about myself and I have no more fears that held me back before. Thanks to her preparation schedule, useful exercises and advice about my platform, I was able to showcase the best version of myself at the international level and now in my life!”

           ~ Helene Abildsnes, Miss Universe Norway 2019

“Training with Natalie gave me an edge in the competition at the international level by thinking of myself as a winner, feeling confident and prepared and performing with more awareness and presence which took me all the way to top 10 at Miss Universe!”

          ~ Marta Stepien, Miss Universe Canada 2018

“I had zero pageant experience and Natalie was the perfect coach for me because she has a very holistic approach to training. We took a spiritual, deeply personal angle to training which allowed me to really work through some growing pains that lead me to the best version of myself.”


What do Win the Crown training sessions consist of?

  • All sessions are conducted on video call (Skype or Zoom) and each session is 1.5 – 2 hours long.
  • You can contact me anytime on my personal number through WhatsApp and I do follow ups every few days to track progress.
  • You will receive a pageant training manual and an interview training manual with exercises and worksheets to give you structure and provide you with personal improvement tools.
  • My training uses spirituality and energy healing principles I derived from my own spiritual growth journey and mindfulness practices.
  • We will work together on building confidence and winning mindsetfinal answer practice, interview skills and manifestation of your desired outcome through visualization and meditation.
  • Since I’m not there in person, I can’t do runway walk training but I can do an assessment of your walk if you send me videos.
  • I can also coach you in nutrition and provide some healthy diet recommendations as well as fitness routine.
  • If you need advice on evening gown and interview outfits, I can help with that as well, and might even be able to connect you with designers who can make a dress for you (not guaranteed but I will do my best)
  • I provide graphic design support, shall you need any, to help create beautiful customized social media posts to reflect your cause/platform/brand

What is the cost of Win the Crown personal pageant training?

Pay per session1 Win the Crown Training Session with Natalie
$300 USD
Benefit: no commitment, no obligation, try once
3 sessionsAdvance payment for 3 Win the Crown Training Sessions with
Natalie, receive $100 discount
$900 USD $800 USD
Benefit: continuity and more in-depth training, on-going messaging support available to you anytime on Natalie’s personal number
Bonus: Get a free copy of Natalie’s first book Healthy Happy Beautiful as a gift for you
Cost per session: $266 USD
5 sessionsAdvance payment for 5 Win the Crown Training Sessions with
Natalie, receive $300 discount
$1,500 USD $1,200 USD
Benefit: continuity and more in-depth training, on-going messaging support available to you anytime on Natalie’s personal number
Bonus: Get a free copy of Natalie’s two books Healthy Happy Beautiful and I Am Winning as a gift for you. Plus a free 1-hour 6th session at the end of the package
Cost per session: $200 USD

Fill out the form to pre-qualify for training and I will get back to you.

Fill out the form above to let me know which of the 3 options suits you best, and I’ll be happy to get on a 20 minute free consultation call with you to see if this is the right direction for you.

I am excited to be part of your journey to the crown and to see you become your own dream woman, one you can fall in love with every day!

Have a winning day!